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Who We Are

Novaquip-J Limitada is a private family-owned company formed in the city of Tete in Mozambique to service the booming mining and civil construction industries. We are a customer-focused equipment maintenance company that strives to become the standard measure, the benchmark in quality workmanship. We have a maintenance team that has +40 years of working experience in the equipment maintenance industry. We are building a top-notch maintenance workshop in Tete that will cater to all repairs and overhauls and in the near future we will move out of our present rented facilities.

Safety, Health & Environment

The safety of our workforce, their health and the wellbeing of our environment is our number one priority.

Work with us to:


Reduce Danger

Safety is incredibly important within the mining and construction industry. Equipment that is worn and on the verge of breaking down can be dangerous. Through having your equipment maintained regularly, worn parts can be discovered and replaced. Furthermore, equipment which is reaching the end of its useful life can be safely retired and replaced, instead of breaking on the job.


Improve Efficiency

Equipment which has undergone maintenance is going to work much better than it did before.


Save Time

Having your equipment undergo regular maintenance does take a little bit of time, but this is still nothing like going days or weeks without being able to use a machine or tool at all when it breaks down.

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“As the owner of a construction company, you know that maintaining your machinery and other equipment is necessary. If a machine breaks down in the middle of a job, it can bring everything to a halt and leave you unable to continue work until it’s repaired or replaced. ”

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EN7 Bairro De Chingodzi Tete, Mozambique

+258 84 616 1053 | +258 84 744 6294

info@novaquipj.com | technicalsupport@novaquipj.com